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How to survive a long haul flight

How to survive a long haul flight

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Long flights equals boredom then insomnia and sore limbs. It almost seems like there is absolutely no way to get ahead when stuck in a long flight. We get it and we’ve got a couple of tips that just might make travelling not only bearable but actually exciting! And yes, these include so much more than bingeing on all your favorite TV shows and blockbusters. 


An escape means wasting away the hours to a point where you don’t notice them burning off. If you’re a busy body and you’ve got a ton of deadlines to catch then here’s a chance to. This doesn’t mean getting lost in paperwork and spreadsheets but it will help to kill a few hours. At the dead hours which is where you’ll likely start to feel the boredom kicking in, grab the headphones and clear your head. You can request a list of the best reads too as an alternative. If you’re a reader, this will do with a soothing drink. Still not moved? Here’s another option to try.


In general your carry-on luggage should be at a minimum so that you don’t compete with sitting space with it. Your go-to-gear ,however, is an essential. If it’s your neck pillows,those are a non-negotiable. No shine lip balm should also be on the list because your metal tube transportation is going to be full of dry stale air that will get your lips chapped and potentially cracked. Rinse-free hand wash will also be absolutely necessary because of the conscious and unconsious contact you’ll make with people and objects riddled with germs. You know best what would do it for you because nothing ruins a good vacation than discomfort.


Hydration is of the utmost importance and it’s as equally important to pack them well. Keep them under 3.4 ounces and packed with other liquids to stay moisturized. Remember that your liquid bag has to stay under 1-quart. Flights can be difficult on luggage restrictions but this will keep you and others safe. 

Comfy Clothing

Catching flights doesn’t mean that you have to dress like you’re about to go into a business meeting or performing in a concert. Dress down and wear clothing that is soft and freeing. This, ofcourse, means sweatpants, leggings, comfy tshirts or tops and loose-fitting bottoms. An oversized jacket can easily act like a blanket. Scandals are a gem on long-flights especially for the security queue and to ensure that you don’t develop deep vein thrombosis on the plane. A stylish hat, scarf or any other light accessory can help to create a suave look when you leave the plane. Just in case, aesthetic is very important to you. Thank us later. 

Food.Food. Food.

Anything that doesn’t have a strong smell would be great in order to stay cool with your seat neighbor. Also inquire on the food that is going to be served onboard before you book so that you can cancel out any food allergies or personal food preferences. If possible skip the food onboard and bring a lot of protein rich food or snacks that can keep the hunger at bay and that won’t be difficult to pack and easily dispose off.

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